Primal Peace Sound Healing - Workshops & Meditations
Primal Peace Sound Healing  - Bringing inner peace to your outside world
Sound Healing and Restorative Yoga Workshops
with Elise Collins and Darrell Lasky 


Sunday, Jan 20th   2:00pm - 5pm
 The Mindful Body      
2876 California St @ Divisadero, SF -  415.931-2639

After a year of intense soul searching,
2019 is a year of CREATIVITY and RENEWAL!

With a Super Full Blood Moon that gets ECLIPSED around 9pm on January 20th,
this year starts off with some activating and enthusiastic celestial energy!

In this workshop, we'll prepare for the emotional recalibration and cosmic energy created when our Sun blots
out the Full Moon

Join us in this workshop and:
      * Learn healing sounds that Taoist monks developed to release toxins and     negativity trapped in our body, with special focus on releasing FEAR from the KIDNEYS - the organs of Winter. 

      * Nourish the kidneys, which govern the water in our bodies. With WATER being the element of Winter, as well as a fantastic conduit for vibrations, we can restore a natural flow of energy, especially to the adrenal glands, and control our "fight or flight" response. 

      * Discover how warm foods and spices such as ginger allow the body to heal, boost our immunity and other healthy "rest and digest" pointers

      * Strengthen the body part of Winter - the BONES, giving us structure to act.

      * Use theintensity of the Eclipse to amplify your goals for 2019

Each participant also receives CALIBRATED TUNING FORKS
fromJULES on potent energy points used in acupuncture
while ELISE guides deeply relaxing SUPPORTED YOGA POSES
for a uniquely healing experience.

    For more info and advance registration contact
The Mindful Body at415-931-2639 or click HERE: 

   $50         All Levels Welcome!  

    Yoga mats and props supplied 
      - wear layers of clothing

"This workshop is one of my favorites!  I enjoyed learning healing sounds that I can practice at home. Both Elise and Jules have beautiful ways of guiding us into relaxation and inner contemplation of what we can do to become more healthy and balanced.  Best of all, I slept like a baby that night!

              - Lisa D., workshop participant



What the mind has created, the mind can change!
Guided meditations are a low-cost and highly effective method of accessing your subconscious mind to make changes in the way you think and, thus, behave.  Using simple hypnosis techniques, you relax your body and mind so that you are in a Theta state of mind (one which you are in many times a day, such as right before you go to sleep, or even watching TV or driving down a long stretch of a highway).  Contrary to popular belief, you will NOT be able to do anything that don't actually want to do when in a hypnotic state.  (If you'd like a more in-depth explanation, check this website out:
I am happy to send you an Introduction to Guided Hypno-Meditation mp3 file. I can also create a custom-designed CD or mp3 file using the same techniques. Please email or call me to request these powerful tools. Because I want everyone to realize how amazing this meditation can be, I've included a sample script below that you can use to help you visualize and incorporate positive changes usingyour own voice, which I have found to be one of the most effective methods.
Self-hypnosis Meditation with Affirmations
The following is a script that you can use to help you get into a state of calm and reprogram your subconscious mind so that it works to heal your body and spirit. The simplest way to use it is to record it on a cassette tape or MP3 recorder and listen to it as often as you can. If you are able to listen to your meditation at least one time every day for 2 to 4 weeks, the reprogramming will be integrated fully into your mind.
When you create your script, first take some time to decide exactly what it is you want – the goal you wish to accomplish. Examine all the known facts and consider the aspects for and against attaining your desired result. Sometimes what we think of as positive may actually be negative in the long run. Anytime you think, pray, meditate or use self-hypnosis toward a goal that would be harmful to anyone else it is a “black” use of a very real power.
Write down your goal in the form of a self-hypnosis suggestion. Define it clearly as a positive, accomplished fact. Don’t use negative conjunctions and when using words that reflect pain or fear, word them in ways where you have power over them. For example, you can say, “I let go of my fears” instead of “I’m not afraid.”   By communicating the goal as accomplished, your subconscious mind is able to comprehend the goal fully and immediately begin to work towards bringing it into reality. It is important that you use only present tense. Some general examples are:
 “I think only positive thoughts."
 “My body is healthy and disease-free.” 
 “I have faith in a future I cannot see”
 “I have the power to transform my life”
 “I take my time and rest, relax, and rejuvenate.”
 “I let go of things that are no longer useful.”
 “I am attractive because I feel good about myself and others.”
 “I create partnerships that are fair and pleasurable.”
 “I release the need to control the things around me.”
There are loads of affirmation books and sayings, so pick some of your favorites that apply to your situation or write your own. It’s good to find 5 to 10 statements that you can use on your tape that most reflect your goal. Concentrate your energy on only one thing, or a couple of related things, at a time.
You may also want to think in advance of several peaceful places that you can let your mind explore while you are listening to your tape. It can be places you have visited or from photos or movies you have seen. It can include people, pets and things that give you joy. It doesn’t have to be real… let your imagination blend all your favorite memories together into your own “mental resort.”
Tips for Using Self-Hypnosis
You’ll need to give yourself the time to get into a relaxed state and a quiet, dark place relatively free of disturbances. Usually you will feel invigorated afterward, thus, it is not recommended that you listen right before you go to bed. You can listen either sitting in a chair with both feet planted firmly on the ground (do not cross your arms or legs) or lying on your back with a pillow under your legs and your arms to your side. If you fall asleep 2 times in this position, do further sessions in a sitting position for a few days.
Hatha yoga, or meditative, breathing should be used to relax your body and mind prior to hypnosis. Get in your preferred position in a relaxing, dark room and take a very deep breath through your nose .. hold it for a second or two. .. then let it out very slowly, between slightly parted lips. When you think the breath is all the way out, push your stomach in to push even more air out. Do this 5 to 10 times before turning on your tape.
Try to keep your full attention on the sound of your voice on the tape. As soon as you realize that you are wandering, bring your full attention back, but do NOT get angry at yourself. It happens ... and your subconscious mind is still listening even if you are not consciously aware of it!
Don’t make judgments about what you’re experiencing while listening to your meditation, like how you sound or grammatical errors.  Over-analyzing can retard your progress. Just allow your mind to relax and enjoy this time for self-healing.
The Script
(speak slowly and rhythmically)
“I have now completed my deep breathing and my body is beginning to relax. Breathing deeply … and relaxing completely… and allowing a quietness of spirit to come in. The relaxing power is coming into the toes of both of my feet … and it’s moving right on down to the balls of my feet … into my arches … into my heels … and up to my ankles. Completely relaxed, completely relaxed … and the relaxing sensations are moving up my legs into my knees… and on up my legs .. into my hips relaxing all the muscles as it moves. 
And now the relaxing sensations are moving into my fingers of both of my hands … relaxing my hands .. moving up my wrist and lower arms up to my elbows and into my forearms.. moving through every cell and every atom. Fingers and hands and lower arms and upper arms…  just completely relaxed.
And the relaxing sensations now move down into the base of my spine, bringing a warm ray of sunlight onto my lower back .. and it feels good as it moves up my spine… up my spine… relaxing my back as it moves up and into the back of my neck. My neck is relaxing .. and my shoulder muscles are now loose and limp … loose and limp .. just completely relaxed. And now the relaxing sensations are moving up the back of my neck and into my scalp. Relaxing my scalp. Feel the relaxing sensations drain down my head and into my face, relaxing my facial muscles. My jaw is relaxed.. I’m allowing a little space between my teeth and my throat is relaxed. 
My entire body is now relaxed all over and in every way. And all tension is gone from my body and mind. And I’m beginning to go into a deep, hypnotic sleep … and as I do, I feel a bright, white light coming down from above. It is entering the top of my head through my crown chakra and is flowing through my entire body and mind, flowing down to my toes and up my legs into my hands and arms and up my back into my head … and the white light is now concentrating around my heart … and it is emerging from the area of my heart to completely surround my body with a protective, magnetic aura of pure white light… I see it and create it in my mind and thus it becomes real… I am totally protected… and totally protected .. and only my own guides and masters and highly evolved and loving entities who mean me well will be able to influence me in any way while I am in this deep, hypnotic sleep… deep hypnotic sleep… and I’m going deeper and deeper asleep… deeper and deeper asleep.. “
(As you start this count down into a hypnotic state, imagine your body in its white protective bubble floating slowly down from the clouds, as if you are dancing in them)
“Number 7, floating slowly, slowly,  down…. down … down..
Number 6, floating slowly, slowly,  down…. down from the clouds 
Number 5, floating slowly, slowly,  down…. down … down.. 
Number 4, floating slowly, slowly,  down…. down … down..
Number 3, floating slowly, slowly,  down…. from the clouds 
Number 2, floating slowly, slowly,  down…. down … down..
Number 1 …
I am now in a deep hypnotic sleep and in a moment I’m going to go even deeper, but first I’m going to imagine a totally peaceful situation in my mind. I will visualize every detail as I mentally become a part of this beautifully peaceful place.”
(One minute of silent time here to imagine your mental resort… a beautiful, peaceful environment full of things that give you joy)
“All right.. I’m now going to go much deeper into this peaceful, relaxing, hypnotic sleep… on the count of one, I will be in the deepest possible hypnotic sleep … far, far deeper than I have ever been before… I’m going deeper and deeper asleep … going deeper and deeper asleep … deeper and deeper “
(it is good to imagine yourself going down a trail or stairs or a pyramid or someplace where you are descending … make it a part of your mental resort)
“Number 7, deeper …. deeper…. deeper …. down…. down … down..
Number 6, deeper …. deeper…. deeper …. down…. down … down..
Number 5, deeper …. deeper…. deeper …. down…. down … down..
Number 4, deeper …. deeper…. deeper …. down…. down … down..
Number 3 deeper …. deeper…. deeper …. down…. down … down..
Number 2, deeper …. deeper…. deeper …. down…. down … down..
Number 1
I am now in the deepest possible hypnotic sleep and each time I hypnotize myself I will go deeper than the time before. I am now going to give myself positive suggestions which are my reality. I absolutely have the power and the ability to create my own reality and this is my reality.”
(This is where you use your own affirmations and statements that reflect the changes you want to make… remember to use only positive tense statements and word them as if you have already accomplished them. For example:
I now think positive thoughts about everything and everyone… and in so doing, my life has become so much more positive…. Regardless of the situation, I’ve learned to cancel out all negative fear thoughts and replace them with love thoughts. This has changed my life. By thinking positively, I am creating a life of inner harmony and success and happiness … I feel inner peace … and throughout each and every day I retain and strengthen the inner harmony through my own positive thoughts. From this moment on, I think only positive, love-based, self-affirming thoughts.)
“This is my reality … my self-created reality … and I am now going to use a few moments to visualize, in vivid detail, imagined situations that illustrate my new reality.”
(Allow 3 to 4 minutes of silence where you use fantasy to create situations in your mind that reinforce your suggestions. Create many such situations where you are positive and in happy, loving situations. Use lots of details…see the people around you… hear other people acknowledging your achievements. Try to create new ones each time.)
“I have just seen my own reality… this is my reality … inner harmony is my natural state of being… Inner harmony and happiness are within me.
All right, I’m now going to wake myself up… I will awaken feeling as if I’d taken a nice, refreshing nap… my head will be clear and I will think and act with calm self-assurance… feeling good all over… feeling glad to be alive. On the count of five, I will open my eyes and be wide awake.
One … coming on up now and feeling at peace with all life 
Two .. coming up and feeling the energy return to my arms and legs
Three … coming up and tapping into internal balance and harmony
Four … recall the situation and the room
And Five … wide awake, wide awake … open my eyes and feel good.”
Take a moment to reconnect with your body and take one more deep breath of gratitude that starts from the top of your head and goes down to the tips of your toes. 
SMILE as you give thanks for this moment of pleasure!
* Big thanks to Richard Sutphen for his initial introduction to self-guided hypno-meditation. 
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